Kampeska Yacht Club Spring Planning Meeting  April 30th, 2017

A short planning meeting was held at Mark and Jody Messerli's home to discuss the Kampeska Cup.  

Discussion was held as to whether the club should cease operations or attempt to reinvigerate it somehow. The number of boats racing each years has dropped and the committee running the race has done it for many years.  The consensus was to try one more year but make it easier for the committee and people involved.  No shirts or door prizes will be handed out. Trophies will be limited to the Kampeska cup for the overall winner. 

We will also try to promote sailing and build interest in the club by having an introduction to sailing night on Thursday, June 8th at 5:30 pm. We will all get together and sail for about an hour and then have a potluck barbecue and Mark and Jody Messerli's home at 1268 South Lake Drive. Everyone should bring something to grill and drink. You can also bring salads or chips. We will see what the interest is in the event. If it is a success others may be planned. 

Sandy Wiswall submitted the treasurers report for 2016. We have a balance of $473.77. Since we self catered the food last year the costs were lower. 

We talked about dates for the race schedule this summer.  The Kampeska Cup will be held on Saturday July 15, 2017, if case of bad weather Sunday July 16. 

It was decided that we will not do t-shirts this year. 

The website is still at www.kampeskayachtclub.com.  Thanks again to Jeff Wiswall for the free hosting of the site.

The Kampeska Cup race will be on July 15th.  The following people have been volunteered to help with various duties for the race and picnic at Brad and Carol Johnson's home at 950 North Lake Drive. 

Commodore   Mark Messerli


1.        Location: Sandy Shore State Park

2.        Date: July 15

3.        Registration 11:30 am - Sandy, Jodi

4.        Fee - $20.00 + $10.00 per extra meal and drinks 

5.        Skippers Meeting 12:00 am - Herb

6.        Race Start: 1:00 pm

7.        Meal:  Brats, beans, cole slaw. Brad Johnson- Brats, buns, tableware, Sandy Wiswall - Beans, Reed Austin - cole slaw, Milt Carter - pop and beer.

8.        Trophies - Kampesk Cup trophy, Boyd Perkins presenly has the trophy

9.        Door Prizes – None

10.           Game Fish and Parks Permit - Chuck 2-day permit

11.           Kampeska Cup Flier - Mark

12.           Sponsorship: $00.00:

13.           Race Marks, setting and pickup - Milt and Brad

14.           Committee boat, flags, starting horn, stop watches - Lee Sering

15.           Chase boats - none

16.           VHF Radios – Bring to the race if you have one. Committee boat will be on channel 68.

17.            Trophy Presentations - Mark

19.           Day of Race Setup - All

20.           Shirts -  None

21.           Laptop and Handicapping – Mark

22.           Winners Pictures to the PO – Jodi

23.     Picnic Location - 950 North Lake Drive

24.     Website updates - Mark

The registration fee will be $20.00 per boat. The registration includes one meal. Additional meals will be $10.00 including beverages.

Please feel free to take pictures of other boats during the races. Email them to Mark Messerli at markmessserli@gmail.com.  We can then get them on the web site for all to see. 

The meeting was adjourned.

If there are any additions or corrections let me know